Paul was born in Stretford, Manchester in the mid 60's.

He was schooled in Droylsden in the mid 70's.

He studied photography at Tameside College before going to work as an assistant photographer at Studio 061 in Manchester in the mid 80's.

Gaining extensive experience in the studio, the laboratory, black and white printing, film processing, photographic chemistry and digital imagery before going freelance in 1999.

Embracing opportunities for working with organisations with a social conscience and organisations working with the good of people and community at their heart, Paul's work has an unpatronizing, respectful honesty towards his subjects, his clients and their audience.

Working with a quiet and unassuming air Paul is an expert with people who aren't at home in front of the camera.

"I invited Paul to come to Kosovo with me in 2006 to document a project I was working on at the time. He came out again in 2007. He photographed artists, artworks, landscapes, local school kids... he never stopped. I was aware of Paul's work before our first trip but over the course of that first trip away I became aware of his incredible talent and warmth. Paul not only has a great eye, as you would expect from a great photographer, but he also has a very wide and warm heart which really puts him in another league. He absorbs the environment and the people that stand or sit before his lens. He quickly establishes a sincere connection that people respond to.

His style is intimate and friendly but can also be epic and cinematic. His talent, humility, kindness and cool make him the artist that he is."

James Walmsley Curator  Fragile State

© Arian Berisha Kosovo 2006

It was my very great pleasure to meet and photograph and to be photographed by the wonderful painter and photographer Arian Berisha, RIP my friend

©Paul Cliff